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Volt Pack

If you are planning to buy all three rack extensions of the Volt family, CB-1, SH-1 and SL-1, you might consider buying the Volt Pack bundle instead of each individual rack extension, at a lower price. The bundle includes full normal licences of the rack extension.


 The Volt Pack is available exclusively for Propellerhead Reason 6.5 on all supported hardware platforms. It can be purchased and downloaded through the Propellerhead Shop.

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Molecule tracks by SH9 feature the Volt CB-1, an online music store specialising in independent music, has published three acid tracks by artist SH9 featuring the Volt CB-1. It might not be obvious to the ears but up to fifteen CB-1’s were used to create the rhythmic patterns and without the help of any automation, just progressive track mutes. As artist SH9 says : “no automation, all modulation”.

All three tracks of the Molecule release are available on‘s online store.