Volt SH-1

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The Volt SH-1 is a control voltage (CV) sampling and filtering unit. With it you can sample a signal at any rate, any resolution, hold the value for any duration, and even sample the signal asynchronously with a gate trigger input. The signal can also be low pass, high pass and band pass filtered before or after sampling.

These two units work on all types of CVs for even greater modulation madness.


Sample and Hold

This unit enables you to sample the input signal at a user defined rate, holding the CV value for a specified duration. The rate can also be synced to the tempo for creative rhythmic effects. Finally, you can even trigger your samples at any time with an external CV signal.


If you want to adjust you modulation signals live, switching from harsh brutal variations to soft oscillations, or add some interesting side oscillations, this is the tool. The Volt SH-1 lets you filter your signal with the classing low pass, high pass and band pass modes with resonance.

Front panel of the Volt SH-1

Separate Rise and Fall filtering

Sculpt your CV signals with separate filter settings for ascending and descending signal fronts.

Less classic is the possibility of having different filter settings between signal rises and signal falls. Use this to keep sharp rises while creating slow releases in your signal or add resonance only when the signal decreases for “whobbling” and “bouncing” modulations.


Of course, all the front knobs and buttons can be fully automated inside your song tracks and the Sample and Hold unit can be controlled by a dedicated “Gate” CV. You decide when you want the sampling to take place.Volt SH-1 back panel with Sample & Hold “gate” input.



The Volt SH-1 is available exclusively for Propellerhead Reason 6.5 and Reason Essential1.5 on all supported hardware platforms. It can be purchased and downloaded through the Propellerhead Shop or through the links on the top right side of this page.