Volt SL-1

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The Volt SL-1 is a control voltage (CV) selector aimed at live performance and DJ’ing. With it you can switch or crossfade easily and in sync between various values of control voltage signals.

Front panel of the Volt SL-1



Up to 24 controls can be plugged to any control voltage input from any Reason or Rack Extension device. Each control can be adjusted between -1 and +1 (or between 0 and +1 with version 2.1) and can be labeled to help you identify your setup. Furthermore, each control can be assigned to one of the four color coded groups for even better organisation of your controls.

24 controls with assignable color coded groups.
24 controls with assignable color coded groups.
Switch or crossfade rapidly between 12 sets of values.

Up to 12 sets of values for each of the 24 controls can be configured lets rapidly switch or crossfade between these values. Meters enable you to visualize the current state of your SL-1 and the weights of each set in the final output.


Sync your crossfade duration and start to a note.

Switching from one set to another can be instantaneous or smooth by adjusting the transition duration, in note durations. And if you don’t feel confident in your rhythmic precision, you can also sync the start (or end with version 2.1) of the transition to a note, all synced to the current tempo.

If you’re tired of basic linear crossfades, version 2 has also introduced non standard transition curves, like ease-in & out or bounces.

Non standard per-control transition curves
Non standard per-control transition curves

Multiple SL-1’s

You can link multiple SL-1’s with the “Set” input / output CV signals so as to control all SL-1’s from one master unit. And of course, each slave unit can have different transition and control values from the master. Furthermore individual gate input and output signals for each set can be used for further modulation madness.

Using other Volt SL-1’s as slaves

Minimum requirements

Version 2.0 of the Volt SL-1 needs Reason 7+. Prior versions will work with Reason 6.5



The Volt SL-1 is available exclusively for Propellerhead Reason 6.5 and Reason Essential 1.5 on all supported hardware platforms. It can be purchased and downloaded through the Propellerhead Shop or through the links on the top right side of this page.