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Announcing the Oberon Synthesizer

Our new Rack Extension, the Oberon Synthesizer will be available soon. In the mean time here’s a little preview of what to expect:

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Volt SL-1 version 2.0

Our control voltage selector Rack Extension, the Volt SL-1, has just come out with a major update. Taking advantage of new advances in the Rack Extension platform introduced with Reason 7.0, this new version adds a number of useful features:

  • 9 more controls for a total of 24 controls per set,
  • 4 color coded groups to better organise your controls,
  • Per control linear or non-standard transition curves,
  • Copy and paste functionality to copy control values from on set to another,
  • Extra CV outputs for each control to reduce cable clutter.

This new update is available in the Propellerhead Shop for 15€ / 19$ for new users, and as a 7€50 / 9$ upgrade for previous owners of the Rack Extension.

Please note that this version will only work with Reason 7+.

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Noxious ReFill by Navi Retlav Studio

Navi Retlav Studio has just released an amazing ReFill for our Noxious Additive Wave Synthesizer. 150 new wonderful patches perfectly complete the sonic palette of the default presets, especially if you are into electronic music. If you are a Noxious user, checking out the demo is an absolute must, and for 19$, it’s a deal.

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LeSpace version 1.1 with feedback breakout path

Version 1.1 of the LeSpace Wide Rythmic Multi Echo now features six new audio inputs and audio outputs enabling you to insert any other Reason processing unit inside your echo lines’ feedback loops. Add a tape effect for a warmer sound or a distortion unit for a crazy echo sound!

New audio input and outputs available in version 1.1
New audio input and outputs available in version 1.1

All this comes for free for current LeSpace owners at the Propellerhead Shop, of course.

To get a preview of this new feature, check out this new tutorial video:

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Noxious 1.5.5

A new update of Noxious is available for download. It only fixes typo error on the front panel and adds a handfull of new patches.

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Le Space Tutorials

To quickly apprehend the possibilities of the Le Space Wide Rhythmic Multi-Echo, take a look at these dedicated video tutorials.

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Noxious 1.5.4

A new minor bug fix update of Noxious is available for download. It only fixes a bug with CV output of LFO 1 & 2 but you do get a dozen more patches for your sake.

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Noxious 1.5.3

Zvork is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its Noxious Additive Wave Synthesizer for the Propellerheads Software Rack Extension platform. This version 1.5.3 fixes some minor bugs and adds 74 new patches including signature patches from Nucleus Soundlab, authors of numerous ReFills for various Reason synthesizers. With this release comes also a one month 30% discount on Noxious to celebrate spring.

Upload it for free from the Propellerhead Shop, if you already own a license.

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Rack Extension Review website reviews Noxious

The RackExtensionReview website has reviewed Noxious with an overall rate of 4 out of 5 stars. Not bad! They liked the sound engine very much but were displeased by the UI. What do you think of it?