Rack Extensions, for Propellerhead Reason 6.5 and higher

Oberon – Tutorial 6 : Separate Outputs

After exploring the front panel of the Oberon Synthesizer, now is the time to have a look at the back panel. There lies a feature that can enable some creative sound construction and some interesting combinations between Oberon and other rack devices. Apart from the classic CV inputs and outputs … Read more

Oberon – Tutorial 5 : X-Morph

An interesting feature of the Oberon Synthesizer is the ability to morph between two spectrums. With this you can create interesting crossfades between two different sounds, for example between an inharmonic one and an harmonic one. Sometimes the result is somewhat unpredictable but it is a definitely a place for … Read more

Oberon – Tutorial 4 : Unison & Octave

After discovering in the last tutorial the more complex features of Oberon, today things will be lighter… and fatter. Yes, in todays modern music, we like it when sounds get fat, thick and deep. With its two oscillators, Oberon can already give you a certain amount of that by layering … Read more

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