Rack Extensions, for Propellerhead Reason 6.5 and higher

Noxious ReFill by Navi Retlav Studio

Navi Retlav Studio has just released an amazing ReFill for our Noxious Additive Wave Synthesizer. 150 new wonderful patches perfectly complete the sonic palette of the default presets, especially if you are into electronic music. If you are a Noxious user, checking out the demo is an absolute must, and … Read more

LeSpace version 1.1 with feedback breakout path

Version 1.1 of the LeSpace Wide Rythmic Multi Echo now features six new audio inputs and audio outputs enabling you to insert any other Reason processing unit inside your echo lines’ feedback loops. Add a tape effect for a warmer sound or a distortion unit for a crazy echo sound! … Read more

Noxious 1.5.5

A new update of Noxious is available for download. It only fixes typo error on the front panel and adds a handfull of new patches.

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