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Revamped Volt SL-1 with version 1.1

The Volt SL-1 has been greatly updated with version 1.1, taking into account user feedback:

  • A greater number of sets with now up to 12 sets, with individual labels for each one,
  • 15 controls per set,
  • Individual gate inputs for finer set triggering,
  • Individual gate outputs to sync set activation with other devices.

This version is fully compatible with version 1.0 accept for note lanes which must be rewritten as the note mapping has changed (see documentation). Upgrade is free for current owners of version 1.0

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Spock’s Beard are on Volt

On the music side, Ryo Okumoto, keyboard player for progressive rock band “Spock’s Beard”, and recent Reason convert is also a happy user of the Volt CB-1 & SH-1 rack extensions by Zvork. If you wan’t to hear what they are doing or even try to catch a glimpse of the Volt’s in action, their new album “Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep” will be out on March 01, 2013 followed by a tour in may.

Check out their links for more information.

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Volt SH-1 version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 of the Volt SH-1 is now available and free of charge for owners of version 1.0.0. It is a minor feature update corrects some minor glitches:

  • The device name sticker is now visible when the SH-1 is combined.
  • The filter does not show a slight “overshoot” anymore when resonance is set to 0. This is really nice if you want to create some smooth glissando effects. But beware with your current songs as this might slightly alter your filter behavior from version 1.0.0.

Check the product page for more details.

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Molecule tracks by SH9 feature the Volt CB-1, an online music store specialising in independent music, has published three acid tracks by artist SH9 featuring the Volt CB-1. It might not be obvious to the ears but up to fifteen CB-1’s were used to create the rhythmic patterns and without the help of any automation, just progressive track mutes. As artist SH9 says : “no automation, all modulation”.

All three tracks of the Molecule release are available on‘s online store.