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Oberon now part of the Rent-to-own program

Since yesterday, april 16 2020, the Oberon additive synthesizer is part of the Rent-to-own program of the Reason Studios shop. What does that mean? You can now rent it for a small sum each month until you’ve paid the total normal retail price, in which case, you own it! Pretty sweet.

Head out to the Reason Studios shop for some more details our check the Oberon synthesizer shop page to start renting it!

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Winter 2019 patch ReFill

To celebrate the end of the year, we’re offering a free collection of new patches for our Oberon (version 2) and Noxious (version 1.5) synthesizers, and for the LeSpace multi-delay. There’s only a handfull for each RackExtension but, hey, we hope they will inspire you!

All patches are compatible with Reason 9, 10 and above. Click the download link below to grab it (the ReFill has been ZIPed for security reasons).


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Black Friday 2019 sales : all at 19€ / $

From November 22 to December 2, the Black Friday sales are on in the Reason Studios shop! Like every other year, Zvork is participating and this year, our top 3 audio Rack Extensions are on sale for the entire period at only 19€/$. This includes:

  • Oberon, our flagship additive synthesizer at an incredible 80% discount!
  • Noxious, its little additive brother at a 50% discount,
  • and LeSpace the flexible wide stereo rythmic multi-echo at 50% off the regular price tag.

Head off to the Reason Studios shop page to grab one of them, or even all three with the Audio Pack bundle at an even lower price.

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The ST100 strumming machine gets an update!

We’ve just released an update to our ST100 Strumming Machine, our recent Player rack extension for Propellerhead Software’s Reason DAW. This new version 1.0.1 adds a small, but creatively usefull, new button “Play Position Retrigger” that resets the play position each time you release all your keys and retriggers the sequence play status when you press down a new one. In live situations this is pretty handy to trigger those riffs whenever needed.

You also get some small UI improvements (check out the back panel for some details) such as the new “Alter” function that slightly randomizes your patterns.

All this is free for existing ST100 owners. So head out to your Propellerhead accounts to download it.

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Announcing the ST100 Strumming Machine

We’re happy to announce the release and immediate availability of our first player rack extension for Reason, the ST100 Strumming Machine. Yes, starting with Reason version 10.1, as the name of the rack extension implies, you will be able to play strums on any instrument in your rack. Check out the product page for more information!

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Black Friday sale on LeSpace

Black Friday 2017

Zvork participates in the Black Friday sales at the Propellerhead Software Shop by offering a 60% discount on its rhythmic spatialised multi-delay Rack Extension, LeSpace:

  • 6 independent delay lines.
  • feedback matrix.
  • echo sequencing for each line.

Originally priced at 39$ / €, the plugin is offered at 15 $ / € until november 28. The plugin is exclusively available for Propellerhead Software’s Reason DAW and on both Windows and MacOS.

Jump to the LeSpace shop page for more product information.